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It just takes focusing on this Business Model framework to rewrite your success story. And here is your opportunity with a 7-step guided masterclass.

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Thomas Hogg


Only 20% of all companies achieve being constantly in the Profitable Growth Zone. 

The challenging Profitable Growth Strategy book reveals 7 proven best practices from German companies, the top success formula of companies with high profitable growth.

The typical key success factors of 🇩🇪 German companies are presented in an inspiring manner to motivate each decision maker taking action immediately. Why Germany? Because Germany has more than 1500 world leaders in different industries. Germany is the world champion as country with the most market leaders per industry.

The 7️⃣-step profitable growth methodology published in this book is a proven blueprint implemented at leading enterprises in multiple countries and will transform your business mindset.

Starting Today

The 7-step profitable growth methodology published in this book is a proven blueprint implemented in more than 1500 leading enterprises in multiple industries. Use this practical framework to scale your company achieving both top- and bottom-line growth. The content is targeted to help CEOs, Directors, and Entrepreneurs reach the next level and overcome the current crisis.

The reader of this book will receive valuable insights, such as:

-How to make profitable your unprofitable business

-How to organize and structure your complex company

-How to help a CEO stop being the bottleneck of the business

-How to make your employees very productive and making your business improve sales

-How to grow your business. In brief, giving structure, focus and profitable growth to your company.

Thomas Michael Hogg is the founder of TMH Consulting & Investment Group and 20+ years-experienced advisor to global companies (such as adidas, PepsiCo, Johnson Controls) as well as to small and medium sized enterprises. Thomas Michael has collaborated cross-industry with more than 300 companies and has been featured in Bloomberg TV, CNN Expansión, Reforma, Milenio, and Business Club Magazine. Furthermore, he is a columnist for El Financiero.


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What Experts Are Saying

"This book is a compass for business leaders in uncertain times. The German industry has distinguished itself for its long-term vision and innovation, concepts that are holistically and brilliantly addressed in this publication. Its goal of guiding companies to a profitable level with healthy finances and growth is successfully described in these pages."

Bernd Rohde

CEO Hannover Fairs Mexico

"Through my experience driving innovation at some of the world's leading innovation companies, I have come to the realization that success of any company or venture is determined by the focus of its strategy and quality of its execution. Thomas Michael Hogg has produced an excellent framework rooted in this principle based on his work with a particular focus on German companies."

Gunjan Bhow

Former Executive at Disney, Amazon, and Microsoft

Global Chief Digital Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance

"The world’s leading economies consist of a wide-ranging source of financially successful companies. The book carries insightful lessons for small and medium-sized companies about the importance of growth and competitiveness. A must-read for all CEOs and Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the German specific culture of doing business successfully.”

Lucero Alvarez

Bloomberg TV / El Financiero

profirable growth strategy by thomas hogg

About the Author

Thomas Michael Hogg

Thomas Michael Hogg is Consultant and Mentor with more than 20 years of market and work experience in Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA.


Thomas is a columnist at El Financiero. He has been featured in Bloomberg TV, CNN Expansión, Milenio, Reforma, Negocios en Imagen, Mexico Industry, Cluster Industrial among others.


He has been an advisor to global companies as PepsiCo, adidas, Campbell’s Soup, Johnson Controls, Bulkmatic, among other multinational companies, SMEs and nonprofit organizations. Thomas is Founder and Managing Director of TMH Consulting & Investment Group.

Your Profitable Growth Guarantee

Profitable Growth Strategy Success

Thomas has helped 300+ businesses achieve 7 to 12 figures, with up to $8 million USD in Monthly Recurring Revenue.

  • Highly practical approach

  • Gain significant market share

  • Improve financially and get competitive

"My goal is to work with you and strategize a system that can take your company to the next level profitably."

Thomas Hogg Profitable growth

“I really have to say that this highly practical book sums up the basic principles for a successful company with a powerful methodology, concise details and interesting anecdotes. Descriptive, readable and inspiring. I will apply these insights immediately to my new business.”

Niclas Seidel

Founder and CEO of Yancor

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Whats Inside?

In brief, giving structure, focus and profitable growth to a company.

Inside, You’ll Discover

  • The Simple 7-Step Formula That More than 1500 CEOs Are Using To Transform Their Companies

  • How This Well-Designed System Has Already Helped More than 10,000 Growth Hackers

  • Exactly How To Get Started To Strengthen Your Core Business and Dedicate Only 5 Hours To Fully Understand This Profitable Growth Practices!


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